Arrested in Forney, Texas?

Forney, Texas, is the largest city in Kaufman County. If you are arrested near Forney (by the Forney Police, DPS, or Kaufman County Sheriff), you will be taken to the jail at the Forney Justice Center. The jail's address is 110 Justice Center Drive, Forney, TX, 75126.

Some Forney Jail defendants are arranged and can post bail in Forney. These are typically Class C misdemeanor offenses (traffic tickets, assault by contact, drug paraphernalia). If the crime is more serious than a Class C misdemeanor, the defendants are sent to the Kaufman County jail, where bail is set the next day. Inmates that have an out-of-country warrant will usually be transported to that county before bail is set.

If you have a loved one in the Forney Jail, you should call our office. We can verify what the offense is and let you know what your options are. The Forney Jail does not post its jail roster online.

Posting Bail At The Forney Jail- Don't Plead Guilty or No Contest

You need to make sure that the person in jail actually posts bail and does not plead guilty and pay a fine by mistake. We've had a few cases where someone was arrested and taken to the Forney Jail for assault by contact. While in jail, they were arraigned and thought they were posting $500 bail to get out. However, they actually pled no contest and paid a $500 fine, which means they were convicted. No contest pleas can still result in a conviction in Texas.

If you pled guilty at the Forney Jail, we might be able to file a motion to overturn the plea and start the case over. But you must hire us immediately. If you wait too long, we can't do anything.

Defendants who pay the fine by mistake may not have understood the paperwork or the judge's instructions. Some defendants plead guilty because they think, "it's no big deal it's just a ticket, right?" They don't realize that some Class C convictions (e.g. family violence) will be on their record FOREVER and can carry a lifetime of negative consequences.

Don't Talk To The Forney Police

If you are taken to the Forney Jail you have the right to remain silent. Let the police know you want a lawyer and wish to remain silent. That's it. Shut up, make bail, and hire us to fix it. But don't make any statements.

If you are invited to the Forney Jail to talk to a detective, don't go, call us and we can help. People think it's rude not to talk to the police, or get nervous and decide to answer questions out of fear or anxiety. It's a trap. Talking to the police without a lawyer is a terrible idea. Talking to the police at the jail is the worst idea.

If you or a loved have been arrested by the Forney Police, or are in the Forney Jail, we can help. We offer free consultations on all Forney Criminal Defense cases. Our main office is located in Forney, and we have the team you need to get the best result. Don't try to do this alone. Let our experienced Forney lawyers get to work on your case.

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