Criminal Law
Criminal Law

DWI, Drugs, Assault, Probation Revocation, Sexual Offenses, Theft, Juvenile Defense. Felony and Misdemeanor Offenses in State and Federal Court

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving While Intoxicated, DWI and Your Drivers License Forney, Texas DWI Defense Lawyer.

Juvenile Law
Juvenile Law

Sexual Offenses, Drug Offenses, Assault and Violent Crimes, Theft, Truancy/School Related Criminal Charges.


My name is Robert Guest and I am the Chief of the Criminal Defense Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are proud to fight for the citizen accused and are ready to defend your freedom. If you or a loved one are facing a criminal charge or are the target of a criminal investigation, we can help. We have a team of 3 criminal defense lawyers ready to meet you now and plan your defense. When you need the best criminal defense firm, you need Guest and Gray Law Firm.

The Team Approach

Most criminal defense lawyers work alone, but at Guest and Gray Law Firm we offer the benefit of a team approach. Each our of 3 criminal defense lawyers brings different skills and experience to your case.

I have been a solo attorney and I know my clients benefit from having multiple defense lawyers ready to collaborate. Our criminal defense team shares ideas and our experience to make sure that no stone is left unturned. A solo defense lawyer will not have the same litigation and trial support as the Guest and Gray Law Firm defense team. What happens if your solo attorney gets sick and you have a legal emergency? Or if your solo lawyer has a trial set and you need answers? That never happens at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are the largest and highest rated local criminal defense firm.

Dallas Criminal Lawyers

The State has an army of prosecutors working to convict you. You need to fight back with a law firm dedicated to your freedom and liberty. There is no case too big, or too challenging for our criminal defense team. We have had many clients hire our firm after hiring a solo lawyer, because the case was too challenging and nothing was getting done. When you need results, call our Dallas DWI lawyers.

If you have a pending civil lawsuit, or divorce, we have the civil experience to minimize the impact of a criminal charge. We can solve all of your legal problems.

Do you have a loved one in jail?

Call today so we can discuss your options. We have real solutions for this problem and have helped many people in your position. Every case is different, but we are ready to fight to get your loved one released. Ask us about filing a bond reduction motion, an examining trial, a speedy trial motion, or a writ of habeas corpus.

Do the police want you to come down for an interview to get "your side of the story"?

Do NOT go to the police station, or speak to anyone in law enforcement without talking to our firm first. It's the worst thing you can do. We have helped many suspects through this process. The police are hoping you don't call our firm, because we will not let you manipulated or taken advantage of. You need an experienced legal team on your side. Our Dallas DWI attorneys will tailor a strategy to your situation based on our experience with local law enforcement.

Do you have a court date in the near future?

NEVER go to court alone. The State has a professional conviction lawyer ready to offer you a "great deal" to plead today. Once you plead guilty, is it very difficult if not impossible to overturn your plea bargain. The Judge can not give you legal advice or represent you. The Prosecutor is the person who filed charges on you, and already believes you are guilty. Do you think they care about your future? Or helping to prove your innocence? What you need is an aggressive local defense team on your side. NEVER go to court alone. Even if your court date is tomorrow it is not too late to hire one of our experienced defense lawyers.

Areas of Practice

We represent the citizen accused in all misdemeanor and felony cases, state and federal, from arrest to appeal. We serve client in the greater Dallas area including Kaufman County, Dallas County, Rockwall County, Hunt County, Collin County and Tarrant County.

We are ready to fight your case. Call today and ask about our experience in

Are you looking for the best criminal defense firm in Kaufman County?

At Guest and Gray Law Firm we are proud to be the most successful criminal defense firm in Kaufman County. One reason is that we have decades of Kaufman County experience. Our criminal defense team includes two former Kaufman County prosecutors, two former Kaufman County Bar Presidents, and the current State Bar Director for Kaufman County. No other firm has the same level of success or depth of local experience.

Client Reviews
Wow, Robert Rocks!! Best criminal attorney ever. Trust the man. Pay the man. I did. It's money well spent. Anon
I have used Robert twice for my son and both times he has done an excellent job. Judy
Wish I would have contacted Robert sooner than I did. The help he did for us was above and beyond. Judith
Best Forney Attorney! I'm so glad we were referred to Mr. Guest by a friend. He handled our case and got it dismissed just like he said he would! Anonymous
Robert Guest is an awesome attorney. I have hired him on a family member's case and the outcome was the best possible. Emily
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