Abandoning or Endangering a Child

Are you under investigation for endangering a child? You need to contact our team of former felony prosecutors immediately. In Texas endangering a child has punishment ranging from the State Jail level (6 months to 2 years in State Jail) to a 2nd Degree Felony (2-20) years in TDC.

What constitutes abandoning a child in Texas?

Abandoning a child in Texas means that a person leaves a child under 15 years of age without reasonable supervision or care and that child is exposed to an unreasonable risk of harm. That is a pretty vague description, and there are many fact patterns that can lead to a charge of abandonment. For example, leaving a child at home alone is something many parents do. But if the child is very young and the police end up at your house the parents could be charged with abandonment. Parents have charged with this offense for leaving their children in a car during the summer as well.

What constitutes endangering a child in Texas?

This is when a person places a child under 15 in a situation that places a child in imminent danger of death, bodily injury, or physical or mental impairment.

Drug related abandoning and endangering charges

The law contains specifics provisions regarding drugs and children. The law presumes that if a child is present in a place where meth is being made, that the child is endangered.

Defense against endangering a child cases in Texas

These cases are very fact specific, and we often employ private investigators to help gather information. In general, you want to start by investigating what decisions the parents made and what influenced them to make those decisions. The State has the burden to prove these charges beyond a reasonable doubt and we will hold the State to that burden.

Parents facing an endangering or abandon a child charge should never speak with investigator, whether it is law enforcement or CPS. Parents are often tricked or manipulated into waiving their rights and talking to law enforcement or CPS. Your words will be twisted into what law enforcement wants them to mean. You can trust CPS to help you, or your children. If they believe you are guilty nothing you can say will change your mind. We have experience with these cases and we will help you.

We offer free confidential consultations. So it is important that you call us today so we can get started.

We have former felony prosecutors ready to help you. We have worked cases on both sides of the system and we use this knowledge to help you get the best result. Do not wait until you get arrested, or have a court date. As soon as you know you are a suspect call us. We have a defense plan that can help you in this difficult time.

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