Juvenile Criminal Cases

Has your child been arrested in Dallas, Kaufman County or Rockwall County? Are you worried about the impact that a felony case will have on your child’s future. Juveniles today face harsh consequences from criminal charges. From TYC incarceration, sex offender registration, to being tried "as an adult" the juvenile justice system can forever impact your child's future.

At Guest and Gray Law Firm we know the difficulty parents and juveniles face from the criminal justice system. We understand that much juvenile criminal behavior can be the result of home/school stress, mental health issues, abuse, or simply the frustration of being a juvenile in today's society. From deferred adjudication to pre-trial diversion, our team of juvenile defense lawyers will fight to safeguard your child's future. We handle juvenile cases in Rockwall County and Kaufman County. We have a team of juvenile defense lawyers that includes two former juvenile prosecutors. We know how to get the best result for your child and our firm has handled every juvenile offense from simple misdemeanor to the most serious juvenile felony charges.

We offer free confidential consultations in all juvenile defense cases. We are allowed to visit your child in the Greenville Juvenile Detention Center and we have years of experience helping juveniles with mental health issues, and juveniles who are themselves the victims of abuse or neglect who may be acting out.

Do the police want to talk to your son or daughter? Call our team today and DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD SPEAK TO THE POLICE UNTIL YOU CALL US. It will not “look bad” or hurt your case if you hire a lawyer before talking to the police. If you care about your child’s future you will call our team immediately if a detective or investigator calls to speak with your child.

Our team handles any and all juvenile criminal charges including:

  • Assault
  • Assault on a public servant
  • Burglary
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Drug Possession
  • DWI
  • Evading Arrest
  • Marijuana Possession
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Theft
  • Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

Call me at (972) 564-4644 or contact me online if your child has been charged with a juvenile offense.

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