Family Violence

Are you or a loved one facing a family violence charge in Dallas, Rockwall or Kaufman County? A family violence conviction is one of the worst misdemeanor convictions in Texas. A family violence conviction will effect your ability to possess firearms and ammunition forever, it will prevent you from getting certain jobs, and can event prevent you from having access to your children in a child custody case. You must not be convicted of family violence and you need a team of lawyers ready to fight for you

At Guest and Gray Law Firm our family violence defense team consists of four former family violence prosecutors. As prosecutors we litigated hundreds of family violence cases, we know how the system works and how to get the best result.

As defense lawyers we have helped people like you get their case dismissed and avoid conviction. Every case is different and no lawyer should every guarantee a result. But we can guarantee that we will leverage the local experience of our criminal defense team to fight for you. We know that in the heat of an argument some partners will call "911" and claim violence to "win" the argument. We have seen family violence allegations used to gain advantage in divorce and child custody cases. I can use my experience to fight your case and protect your rights.

We understand that when the police leave most couples reconcile and want the State out of their lives. Simply put, most family violence cases involve a situation in which no one wants the State to prosecute, yet the State will often prosecute these cases against the wishes of the “victim”.

Here is an article by Robert Guest, Chief of the Criminal Defense Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm on prosecuting and defending family violence cases.

What is the Texas law on family violence?

Family violence in Texas is defined as an assault against any relative or household member. A first offense carries up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine. The elements of assault family violence are intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to a person who against a person you are related to, or dating, or who lives with you. Yes, this can include brothers fighting each other and other ridiculous scenarios, but these charges are usually filed against men when they get in a physical altercation with their girlfriend, fiancé, or wife. If the police show up when a man and woman get in a fight, the man is usually going to jail.

The victim in my case wants to drop the case and sign a non prosecution affidavit. Will it be dismissed?

In Texas victims have no right to have a case dismissed. Only the district attorney can file or dismiss a case.

What are the consequences of a family violence conviction?

A family violence conviction can affect your life for years to come. It can affect child visitation, divorce cases, gun ownership, employment, immigration, and professional licensing. Do not plead guilty to family violence without speaking to an experienced defense lawyer.

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