State and Federal Drug Charges

Experienced Defense

The government has declared war on drugs and made criminal defendants the enemy. I have experience fighting drug cases; from misdemeanor marijuana possession to 1st degree felony drug possession/delivery.

I have experience attacking the government's case. I've fought against drug dogs, illegal police searches, and confidential informants.

Just because the police finds drugs in your house, car, or pockets does NOT mean you are guilty. Did the police have the right to search you? Can they prove the drugs are yours? Who is the informant and what were they promised? Were the drugs tested? I can answer these questions.

I would be proud to represent you in a drug possession case. I do not want a drug conviction to ruin your life. If you are charged with Possession, Manufacturing, Delivery, Conspiracy, or facing an asset forfeiture in a drug case call today. I want to be your lawyer.

Texas Drug Crimes

Possession of Marijuana- Misdemeanor and Felony
Possession of Controlled Substance (Cocaine, Crack, Heroin, Ice, Methamphetamine)
Manufacturing, Sale, Delivery, Conspiracy
Possession of a Dangerous Drug

Federal Drug Crimes

Possession, Delivery, Manufacturing, Conspiracy

Drug Dogs

Was your car "searched" by a drug dog? I am ready to challenge these animals and their findings. Do not let an animal testify against you without consulting an experienced attorney.

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