Crandall, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested by the Crandall Police? Are the Crandall Police calling for you or you son to come down and “give your side of the story”? My name is Robert Guest, Chief of the Criminal Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. The lawyers in our firm have been working Crandall criminal cases for decades. We can help with any offense, felony or misdemeanor. We offer free confidential consultations for Crandall criminal cases and we are ready to talk to you.

The typical Crandall arrest, or why you should not speed on Highway 175.

Crandall PD or DPS make a lot of arrests on Highway 175. 175 is a notorious speed trap around Crandall. Local lawyers know to buckle up and slow down on 175 or you will get pulled over. Many of my clients were arrested for DWI, or marijuana possession because they were stopped for a traffic violation on 175. “Defective license plate light” is another violation we see a lot of. Of course the traffic stop is just the beginning of the case. But it’s important to know that the police must have a valid reason to stop your car. If not, we may be able to get the case dismissed.

When the Crandall Police call for “your side of the story”. What should you do?

Another scenario we see a lot of is when the Crandall Police investigators call to ask you about a crime. Guess what? If they are calling you to come down to the station, you are almost certainly a suspect. The Crandall PD are hoping you will show up and give a statement so they can arrest you and close their file. You need a defense lawyer to assist you. We have helped many clients in your situation and we know exactly what to do. Trust me on this. You are not going to convince the Crandall Police you are innocent. They have made up their mind before they called you to come down. You need a local defense lawyer to fix this, and we can help.

Who is the best criminal defense lawyer for your Crandall criminal charge?

I used to be a solo attorney, and now I’m proud to be the Chief of the Criminal Defense Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We have 3 defense lawyers on staff with decades of experience fighting criminal cases. All 3 of our defense attorneys are former prosecutors on staff, 2 are former Kaufman County prosecutors. All of our defense lawyers have felony trial experience. We know the Kaufman County criminal justice system, and we can help you get the best result. The truth is there are many cases that are too big or challenging for a solo attorney. The worst part is, you won’t find out until is too late that you should have a hired a defense team, instead of a solo.

Most solo attorneys don’t have time to do more than rely on the police reports and beg the DA for the best plea offer. You deserve better, you deserve the Kaufman County Criminal Defense Team at Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are the largest law firm in Kaufman County, with the highest ratings for customer satisfaction. We have handled every kind of criminal case you can think of, from traffic tickets to murder and we have a reputation built on a foundation of results. We get the job done, and we can help you. Call today.

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