How to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Kaufman County Criminal Case

You or a family member is facing a criminal charge in Kaufman County and you don’t where to find the best criminal defense lawyer. This is an important decision and there is a lot of pressure to get this right. Criminal convictions in Texas last forever and you need a lawyer who not only understands the Kaufman County criminal justice system, but will fight to get you the best result. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a defense lawyer for your Kaufman County criminal case.

Local Experience

First, you need a law firm with Kaufman County experience. Many out of town lawyers will take a Kaufman County case and find out too late that Kaufman County is different. Things that work in Dallas and Forth Worth don’t work here. We have a unique legal culture, and our courts operate very different than they do at Crowley. Many of our clients hired out of town lawyers, and ended up switching to the Guest and Gray Law Firm team.

We have 3 former prosecutors in our Kaufman County Criminal Defense Division. All 3 have of our defense lawyers have felony jury trial experience. 2 of our defense lawyers are former Kaufman County Prosecutors. 2 of our defense lawyers are former Kaufman County Bar Presidents. The current State Bar Director for Kaufman County is Partner Robert Guest. Robert Guest is also the founder of the Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. There is no criminal defense firm with the same level of Kaufman County experience as Guest and Gray Law Firm. We know how to get results in Kaufman County.

Solo Lawyers vs. a Kaufman County Criminal Defense Firm

Most defense lawyers are solo. Solo lawyers will not have the same resources as the Guest and Gray Law Firm team. We have 6 lawyers on staff, and a team of experienced paralegals and assistants. There is no case too big for our firm. If you hire a solo attorney, that lawyer may be too busy or tired to work on your case or return your phone calls. If your solo defense lawyer gets sick, then no one is left to work on your case. We have many clients who hired solo lawyers come and hire out team. That won’t happen with Guest and Gray Law Firm. We have the highest ratings for customer satisfaction in Kaufman County for a reason. No firm has as many 5 star customer reviews as the Guest and Gray Law Firm criminal defense team. Find out why.

Flat Fees

We have flat fee contracts which means you will not pay hourly for your case. Never hire a defense lawyer without a contract, otherwise you will find yourself paying more than your expected when your case gets difficult.

The Guest and Gray Law Firm criminal defense team has helped many people just like you. People who need to get the best result in their criminal case. We are ready to help you. Call today.

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