Kaufman County Assault Family Violence Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested for assault family violence in Kaufman County? Have the police called you after an altercation and asking for you to come down and give “your side of the story”? My name is Robert Guest, I am Chief of the Criminal Defense Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. Most family violence cases are misdemeanor offenses. However, they are some of the most dangerous and life changing charges you can face.


You never want to meet with the police and answer questions about an alleged family violence incident. Our family violence defense team has experience in this situation, and we will talk to the police for you and protect your rights in the process. In family violence investigations it is often presumed that you are guilty. There is rarely a presumption of innocence. Going to speak with the police or investigator will not help you if they already think you are guilty. And guess what, even though they say that they want “to get both sides of the story” many just want to see if you’ll confess or make a statement that can be used against you. They aren’t going to believe you if you claim innocence. So let our team handle this critical part of the case by talking to the police for you.

What if I have already been arrested for family violence in Kaufman County?

The good news is our firm has a very high success rate for Kaufman County assault family violence cases. It is extremely rare for a Guest and Gray Law Firm family violence client to be convicted. Our defense lawyers understand how the local system works and we know how to get the best result in Kaufman County. If you listen to us, odds are we can fix this. Every case is different, and no one can guarantee a result in a criminal case. But our family violence defense team has a proven record of success in these cases. And we will put our resources to work for you. We are the largest and highest rated Kaufman County criminal defense firm.

Can my wife/girlfriend “drop the charges” against me?

Not really. You are thinking of what’s called an “affidavit of non-prosecution”. Which is a document that a victim or complaining witness signs in a family violence case. In this situation the State can still prosecute the defendant. The victim has no legal right to have the case dismissed. She may express her wishes to the prosecutor and the prosecutor may ignore that affidavit. If we believe an affidavit will help your case, then we can discuss how that process works in Kaufman County.

Is family violence a misdemeanor or felony?

Most family violence cases in Kaufman County are misdemeanor offenses. The exceptions are if you have a previous conviction or probation for family violence, or if you are alleged to have choked the victim. Then it becomes a felony offense.. A family violence conviction will be on your record forever. It will end your right to possess a firearm, and it can be used against you in a child custody or divorce case. It is one of the most dangerous and far reaching convictions in Texas. It will impact many areas of your life. That is why you need our criminal defense team on your side. We know what to do to help you right now and we are ready to meet with you. We offer free confidential consultations for all Kaufman County assault family violence cases. So call today.

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