Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you or a loved one facing a criminal case in Kaufman County? Are the police asking you to come down for an interview to "get your side of the story"? Do you have a Kaufman County Criminal Court date coming up and you don't know where to turn?

You need the Kaufman County Criminal Defense team at Guest and Gray Law Firm. My name is Robert Guest, and I am the Chief of the Criminal Defense Division of Guest and Gray Law Firm. When you hire Guest and Gray Law Firm you get a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers ready to fight the government and protect your freedom. Our team includes

  • 3 former prosecutors, all of our lawyers tried and prosecuted felony cases for the State
  • 2 former Kaufman County Assistant District Attorneys
  • 2 former Kaufman County Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutors
  • 2 former Kaufman County Bar Association Presidents
  • 2 founding members of the Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Decades of combined Kaufman County legal experience
  • Dozens of Criminal Trials, including bench and jury trials, felony and misdemeanor

Our legal team has tried cases in every felony and county court in Kaufman County. When you need local Kaufman County experience for your case, Guest and Gray Law Firm has it!

Many Dallas criminal defense lawyers will take a Kaufman County criminal case, but they may not be aware of how different the system is, especially when compared to Dallas County. Here is a blog post I wrote about some of the difference between Dallas County Criminal Cases and Kaufman County. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor a defense strategy to your situations with your goals in mind. We understand the system, and will use that knowledge to get you the best result.

Just because you are arrested or accused does NOT mean you are guilty. If you are facing any criminal case in Kaufman County we can help. We have represented Kaufman County defendants for

We proudly serve the entire Kaufman County community including Forney, Crandall, Kaufman, Mesquite, Mabank, Scurry, Kemp, Elmo, and Terrell. We have experience with every police department and arresting agency in the Kaufman.

Is a Kaufman Sheriff's Investigator calling for an interview to get "your side of the story"? We have represented many individuals who were contacted by law enforcement. We can tell when you should, and shouldn't volunteer a statement.

Our criminal defense firm has two offices in Kaufman County. One on the square in downtown Kaufman across the street from the Courthouse, and another office in old downtown Forney.

I know you have many questions about the criminal justice system. I know you want the best result for yourself, or your loved one. Don't talk to the police without a local defense lawyer. Don't go to court without an experience local attorney to fight for you. The State has a lawyer ready to convict you. You need the Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyers of Guest and Gray Law Firm on your side!

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