Kaufman County DWI Defense Lawyers

There are many lawyers who will take a Kaufman County Driving While Intoxicated case. You deserve a dedicated team of experienced local DWI defense attorneys. Guest and Gray Law Firm is the only law firm in Kaufman County with

  • 2 full time criminal defense lawyers
  • 2 former Kaufman County Prosecutors
  • 2 former Kaufman County Felony DWI Prosecutors
  • 2 former Kaufman County Bar Presidents
  • A Defense Lawyer Certified in Field Sobriety Testing
Local Experience

Every county is different and one of the mistakes out of county lawyers make is treating a Kaufman County DWI like a Dallas DWI. Kaufman cases are different and you need a lawyer who knows the difference. At Guest and Gray Law Firm you get two experienced local attorneys, Robert Guest and Tracy Gray.

Robert Guest is a former Kaufman County Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor. Mr. Guest has tried and won DWI cases in every misdemeanor court in the county. Mr. Guest has received not guilty verdicts on breath test cases over .15. Mr. Guest has received not guilty verdicts in cases where defendant allegedly “failed” every field sobriety test.

Mr. Guest is a former Kaufman County Bar President and currently serving on the State Bar Board of Directors. Robert Guest is the only lawyer in the county who is certified in field sobriety testing. Mr. Guest has taken the same SFST student course as your arresting officer. He will use this knowledge to challenge the arresting officer with his own training.

Tracy Gray is a former Kaufman County felony prosecutor. Tracy personally trained Kaufman County prosecutors and taught them how to try DWI cases. Tracy Gray is also a former Kaufman County Bar President. Tracy is dedicated to her cases and her clients. She is a passionate defender of her client’s rights.

If you need a plea bargain, a jury trial, or just a team of lawyers who know the local system and how to make it work for you, Robert and Tracy are here to help.

Real Results

Our team of Kaufman County DWI lawyers has received dismissals, not guilty verdicts and charge reductions (Obstruction of a Highway) in every DWI court in Kaufman County. If you want to know how Kaufman judges or juries have ruled in the past on similar cases, ask our team.

Inside Knowledge

Our DWI defense team maintains a library of local law enforcement training and disciplinary records. We often know more about an officer’s training or misconduct than the prosecution. Our defense team also files regular open records requests to keep our records up to date.

Have you been arrested for a Kaufman County DWI? Our team is ready to help. You are facing a strict 15-day deadline after arrest to fight for your license. Call our DWI defense team today so we can get started fighting your case.

Client Reviews
Wow, Robert Rocks!! Best criminal attorney ever. Trust the man. Pay the man. I did. It's money well spent. Anon
I have used Robert twice for my son and both times he has done an excellent job. Judy
Wish I would have contacted Robert sooner than I did. The help he did for us was above and beyond. Judith
Best Forney Attorney! I'm so glad we were referred to Mr. Guest by a friend. He handled our case and got it dismissed just like he said he would! Anonymous
Robert Guest is an awesome attorney. I have hired him on a family member's case and the outcome was the best possible. Emily
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