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So you plead guilty and accepted a term of probation and now it’s not really working out? If you have a probation case in Kaufman County we can help.

First, we’ll need to discuss why you are on probation. What kind of case is it, what’s your criminal record look like, and what punishment are you facing if revoked. When you plead guilty you give up your right to appeal, so we are probably stuck with your plea bargain.

Our goal is always to get you back on probation. Sometimes that is not possible, but we always start with that in mind. Let’s take a quick look at the process.

Kaufman County Probation Revocation Cases

First, your PO will send the DA a request to revoke your probation. This will list all the allege violations of your terms and conditions. Then the prosecutor will file a motion to revoke your probation with the court. This will cause a warrant for your arrest to be issued. For misdemeanor cases, the bond is usually less than $10,000 and between $2,500 and $5,000. For felony cases the bond amounts can be much higher, up to $100,000 or more. If the bond amount is more than you can afford there are steps we can take to attempt to reduce your bond. There are many factors that influence getting a bond lowered, including who your judge/prosecutor is, and your criminal record.

After you are arrested we start going to court. These court dates are similar to the ones you had before you plead guilty. We show up, discuss the case with the prosecutor, and begin the plea negotiating process. It can take months of court appearance to finalize a probation revocation case.

Probation Violations

The heart of any probation violation cases is the violations themselves. Why are you being violated? And what is our best defense for these violations? We have had clients with one violation (usually a new charge), and more than 10. The most common violations in Kaufman County Probation Revocation motions are

  1. Not reporting. You must appear at every meeting with your PO. If you completely fail to show up you are considered absconded.
  2. Failed drug tests.
  3. Failure to pay fines/fees.
  4. Pickup up a new charge/getting arrested again
  5. Failure to take classes/perform community service

By far the worst to be facing are 1 and 4. If you never show up, it’s very difficult to get you back on probation. Pickup up a new charge has unique logistical challenges as well.

What we need is a game plan. And to that end we offer free confidential consultations. Our Kaufman County criminal defense team includes 3 former prosecutors, two former Kaufman County Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutors and one former Kaufman County Felony Prosecutors. We know the system in Kaufman County, and we are ready to get you the best result.

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