Kaufman County Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of a sexual assault you need to contact our firm immediately. This is not the time to try and talk your way out of this situation, or go give the police “your side of the story”. If the Kaufman County Sheriff or Forney Police are calling for you to come down and give a statement call us first. We have experience with Kaufman County sexual assault cases and we can protect you. We know what to do to protect you and we are ready to help.

Innocent people are convicted of sexual assault everyday in Texas. There are defendants serving decades in prison for he said/she said situation. Yes, the DA will prosecute you even without DNA evidence. Choosing the right defense lawyer to fight your sexual assault allegation is a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

We know that you are scared. People are going to presume you are guilty just because you are arrested. The thought of being labeled a sex offender or sent to prison for decades is scary. We understand what you are going through and we have helped many clients in your situation. We have helped clients get their cases dropped, reduced, no billed, and in some cases rejected without being filed.

Kaufman County sexual assault allegations are some of the most difficult cases to defend. You need a defense team to get the best result. Sexual assault cases can be too difficult and time consuming for a solo defense lawyer. What happens if you hire a solo defense lawyer and she gets sick? Or goes on vacation? What if that lawyer has other cases going to trial and you need to meet with them? Do you want to take the chance that you will be left without a lawyer to protect you when you are facing life in prison?

You deserve the Guest and Gray Law Firm defense team. We are the largest criminal defense firm in Kaufman County. We have two former Kaufman County prosecutors, both have felony trial experience. We have two former Kaufman County Bar President. We are the best-reviewed firm in Kaufman County. No case is too challenging or difficult for our team. We have the resources to take on any case. Don’t trust you case to one attorney when you can have a team of attorneys on your side.

Fighting false allegations in Kaufman County

We have a proven system to get the best result in sexual assault allegation cases. We will explain this process to you during our initial consultation. Pickup the phone and call us now. There is no time to waste. A sexual assault case is a legal emergency and we are here to fight for you.

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