Rockwall, Texas Family Violence Attorney

Have you been arrested for a family violence case in Rockwall? Do the police or prosecutors want to speak with your wife or girlfriend about the case? Are you facing a court date on a Rockwall family violence case?

Guest and Gray Law Firm’s family violence criminal defense team can help. We have a team of former prosecutors who have worked hundreds of family violence cases. We will work the system to help you get the best result. We are the largest defense firm in Rockwall County, and the best reviewed.

We know that many innocent people are arrested for family violence in Rockwall, almost always men. The typical scenario is that you and your partner get in an argument and the police are called. If there is any allegation of a physical altercation or interference with a 911 call the man will be arrested almost every time.

You should know that we routinely get family violence cases dismissed without any guilty plea whatsoever. While every case is different and no one can guarantee a result, our firm’s goal is always the same, dismissal of your Rockwall family violence case.

Can my wife drop charges against me?

One of the most common questions I am asked if a Rockwall Family Violence case can be “dropped” or if the complaining witness (“victim”) can “drop charges”. It’s important to understand that once the police get involved the case is out of your hands. The victim in a Rockwal family violen case has no right to have a case dismissed. The victim can file an “affidavit of non-prosecution” but that does not mean the prosecutor must dismiss the case.

Instead, these affidavits are just one part of an overall Rockwall family violence defense strategy. We tell our clients that there is no misdemeanor conviction with worse penalties than family violence. If you plead guilty to family violence you will lose your gun rights, you may lose your children, and you will be cut off from many employment opportunities. We can help you avoid these terrible outcomes.

Call our Rockwall family violence team today. We offer free confidential consultations and we have offices in Rockwall and Forney. Don’t face a Rockwall Family Violence case alone, call Guest and Gray Law Firm.

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