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There are lot of ways to get a DWI in Rockwall County. My least “criminal” clients are always my DWI cases, especially our Rockwall DWI clients. Rockwall has a lot of entertainment and drinking options, and no public transportation options to make it easy to not drive. If you drink in Rockwall, you drink and drive. The Rockwall police department is almost certain to arrest you if you have had any amount to drink, even though the law requires intoxication. Just because you are arrested for DWI in Rockwall does not mean you guilty. It means it’s time to get a serious Rockwall DWI defense lawyer to fight the case.

At Guest and Gray Law Firm we have a team of Rockwall DWI defense lawyers ready to assist. Many Rockwall defense lawyers are solo practitioners and work alone. Guest and Gray Law Firm has 3 former DWI prosecutors with decades of DWI experience ready to make the system work for you.

Have you been arrested for a Rockwall DWI? If so, you are facing a critical 15 day deadline to request an ALR hearing and fight to save your license. An ALR hearing is our first chance to fight your case, and protect your right to drive. Here is what you need to know. If you are arrested for DW and you refuse to give a specimen of breath blood (you should always refuse) or you provide a specimen that comes back over .08, then the Rockwall Police should talk our license and give you a piece of paper that is titled “Temporary Drivers Permit”. This permit is good for either 40 days, or until you have an ALR hearing. If you do not request and ALR hearing, then your license will be suspended 40 days after you are arrested. If you request a hearing, your license is good until at least the date of the ALR hearing, and if we win your ALR hearing your license may not be suspended. If you lose your license we can file for an Occupational License (some people call this a work permit) so you can drive to work and for other essential functions.

You will have a court date within a few weeks of your Rockwall DWI arrest in most cases. At your first setting we will appear and make sure we have received all the discovery (police reports, videos, 911 calls) for your case. We will then take that information through our DWI defense process. We have a system in place that gets the best result for our clients. We often use expert witnesses to help prepare your defense, and we employ our team of lawyers and veteran criminal assistants to help. You are not fighting the State alone when you hire the Guest and Gray Law Firm Rockwall DWI defense team.

I know you have many questions about your case. Will there be a trial? Will you go to jail? Will you be on probation? What will this cost? The best way to review your case is with a free no obligation consultation. We have an office in Rockwall and Forney to serve you. Call today, 972.564.4644 and find out how we can help fight your case.

For more information on Rockwall DWI cases read my DWI blog posts here.

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