Defending Men Against Family Violence Allegations

Family violence is one of the most politically charged criminal offenses in the State of Texas. Our government has rigged the system to presume men are guilty and instantly ban them from their own home without a single hearing or shred of evidence.

I understand what you are going through. I have helped many men defend against false family violence charges. I know that calling the police can be a weapon used to win an argument. I know that many false family violence charges are filed to gain advantage in a divorce or child custody case. I also know that when men are the victims of domestic violence they are often still arrested. You do not have to fight the State alone

A family violence conviction is not something you cannot afford. You can be denied job opportunities, forbidden to possess a firearm, forbidden to hunt, and banned from seeing your own children without supervision. A family violence conviction is a life-changing event. I will do everything I can to help you get your case dismissed, and keep you from being convicted. It is important we start immediately to get the best result.

"Dropping charges"

Many defendants believe that their wife or girlfriend can "drop charges." That is not the law in Texas. Once the police get involved you have lost control of the situation. Only a prosecutor can file or dismiss a criminal case. A "victim" has no right to have a case dismissed. The State can proceed to prosecute you even if your family wants to be left alone, or a "victim" admits they lied, or a "victim" files an affidavit of non-prosecution.

Protective Orders

Family violence defendants are often ordered to stay away from their house and their children for weeks at a time. You should NEVER violate a protective order, even if your wife/girlfriend asks you to return stay away as ordered. Violating a protective order is a crime and "I was invited over" is not a defense. I will discuss your options and help you make a plan to fight the case and the protective order.

Call me now so I can start planning your defense. Let's meet and discuss your options. I offer free confidential consultations and my firm has many former prosecutors, and a full service family law division.

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