Forney, Texas Ticket Lawyers

Are you facing a traffic ticket or class C misdemeanor in Forney Municipal Court or Justice of the Peace Court Precinct Two? Guest and Gray Law Firm can help. We are the largest and highest rated law firm in Forney and our office located mere blocks from Forney Municipal Court and Forney JP Court. We have the local experience you need to get the best result in a traffic ticket or other class c misdemeanor. If you are facing a warrant for failure to appear we can help you get the warrant taken care of so you can stop worrying about getting arrested if you are pulled over.

Forney Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

Forney has two courts that hear traffic ticket cases, Forney Municipal Court and Forney Justice of the Peace Precinct Two. Both courts have strict deadlines for you t respond to a ticket case. If you miss these deadlines the court can issue a warrant for your arrest. We can take care of the hassle of appearing for you on traffic ticket cases. In most instances you will never have to appear and we can take care of the case without you.

Should I just plead guilty to a traffic ticket and pay the fine?

The most common cases heard in the Forney Municipal or Justice of the Peace Precinct Two are traffic tickets. The worst thing you can do in a ticket case is just show up and pay the fine. You will have a conviction that can be used to asses points against your license. Too many points mean your license will be suspended, and your insurance can also go up if you are convicted. Our goal is to get your traffic ticket case dismissed and keep this case off you record. We have the local knowledge you need to get the best result. There are many Dallas ticket lawyers who come to Forney, but we have the advantage of being a local law firm with the local experience you need.

Class C Misdemeanor Cases- Assault, Theft, Bad Checks etc

Forney Municipal Court and Forney Justice of the Peace Precinct Two also hear other class C misdemeanors besides traffic tickets. Some common class c cases are assault, petty theft, and writing a bad check. Our firm is very successful challenging these cases, and we have had many assault cases dismissed. If you are facing a class C assault and you do not want to take a deal or be convicted we can talk about setting the case for trial. We have a proven strategy for fighting these assault cases and many end up dismissed.

How to get a warrant lifted on a Forney ticket case.

Our lawyers can help lift warrants on Forney ticket cases. If you have a warrant call us today so we can get started. You do not want to get arrested over a ticket warrant. If you do, you will have to make bail and you can sit in jail until someone pays your bail.

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