Plano Criminal Defense Lawyers

Guest and Gray is a criminal defense lawyer with an office in Plano, Texas. Plano is one of the largest suburbs in Texas. It has over 280,000 residents who live in two different counties, Collin and Denton. That’s important because if you get arrested in Plano for anything but a ticket (Class C Misdemeanor), your case will either be prosecuted in Denton County (Denton) or Collin County (McKinney). Those are two different District Attorneys’ offices, each with its own policies and procedures. Most of Plano is in Collin County. So most criminal cases from Plano arrest are in Collin County. That’s not great news. Collin County is known as one of the toughest counties for criminal defendants. Denton is not great for defendants either.

Plano DWI Defense

We offer DWI defense services in Plano. If you are arrested for DWI, the first issue we must address is your driver’s license. Plano is not a city with great public transportation. Our clients need to be able to drive to work and to take care of their families. We can help ensure you keep your license from being suspended or help get a temporary permit for essential duties and work.

Plano Police often have “no refusal” DWI policies. This means the police will get a warrant to take your blood if you refuse a DWI breath or blood test. It can be traumatic when the police take your blood against your will. It’s something we have experience fighting in court. Also, don’t do those stupid balancing tests (field sobriety tests). These “tests” are rigged, and the Plano police will say you failed them because you are drunk.

Plano Marijuana Possession Lawyer

Plano has a lot of drug arrests, but so does every other large city in Texas. Most are for marijuana, which is still illegal in Texas even though Colorado is selling tons of weed to Texas tourists every year. What most people don’t realize is that the edibles they bring back are a felony in Texas. That’s right, those incredible pot brownies you bought when you went skiing can mean prison time in the Lone Star State.

Probation Revocations

If you are on probation and it’s not going well, we can help. Revocations on Plano cases happen in the County the case is from. So it makes a big difference where you were arrested. We’ve got options for people who are looking at being revoked and possibly sent to prison. It’s something we need to get on early, so don’t wait.

Plano Assault Family Violence

We have a lot of experience with assault family violence cases. If you think you don’t need a lawyer because the victim wants to drop charges, think again. Assault family violence is one of the most severe misdemeanor offenses in Texas. It can have repercussions for the rest of your life. Own a gun? Like to hunt? Not anymore if you are convicted of family violence, or even if you get deferred. Our firm also has a team of family law attorneys. So we can help you get prepared for any custody or divorce proceedings as well.

We offer free consultations for Plano criminal defense cases. No matter what you are arrested for in Plano, felony or misdemeanor, we can help.

Client Reviews
Wow, Robert Rocks!! Best criminal attorney ever. Trust the man. Pay the man. I did. It's money well spent. Anon
I have used Robert twice for my son and both times he has done an excellent job. Judy
Wish I would have contacted Robert sooner than I did. The help he did for us was above and beyond. Judith
Best Forney Attorney! I'm so glad we were referred to Mr. Guest by a friend. He handled our case and got it dismissed just like he said he would! Anonymous
Robert Guest is an awesome attorney. I have hired him on a family member's case and the outcome was the best possible. Emily
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