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Have you been arrested for DWI in Forney, Texas? Do you want the best Forney DWI defense attorneys on your side? My name is Robert Guest, Chief of the Criminal Defense Division at Guest and Gray Law Firm. I understand the anxiety caused by a DWI arrest. Most of our Forney DWI clients have no criminal history. They are scared and embarrassed by their arrest and need answers but they do not know where to begin. We are ready to help. You can count on the Guest and Gray Law Firm DWI to fight your Forney DWI case.

Forney DWI Experience You Can County On

Imagine having the best-reviewed and largest Forney DWI defense firm on your side; a firm with two former Kaufman County DWI prosecutors, and two former Kaufman County Bar Presidents. There is no firm with as much Forney DWI experience as Guest and Gray Law Firm. We have been in Forney over 20 years and we know the local legal system.

We know how Forney DWIs are prosecuted because two of our attorneys used to prosecute Forney DWI cases. Both Tracy Gray and myself were Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutors in Kaufman County. We trained the new DWI prosecutors. We worked with the Forney police. That’s the level of local experience you deserve. Guest and Gray Law Firm has the most Forney DWI cases because of our reputation in the local community. In fact, Guest and Gray Law Firm holds seminars to help train other local DWI lawyers.

Hiring A Local Attorney For Your Forney DWI

Many Dallas attorneys will take a Forney DWI case. However, the system here is different than in Dallas. You may feel pressured to plead guilty because your out-of-town lawyer is tired of driving to Kaufman for court (Forney DWI cases are heard in Kaufman, Texas). What works in defending Dallas DWI cases doesn’t always work here. You deserve a local team that knows our courts and how to get the best result. That’s the Guest and Gray Law Firm advantage; local experience and local results.

Forney DWI Basics

Forney Police make most Forney DWI arrests; sometimes the local DPS troopers will assist them. Forney police officers have field sobriety test training and will always ask for a breath of blood sample. You should always refuse both the field sobriety tests and the breath/ blood tests. If you did not refuse (most people are not aware they can refuse the field tests) that’s ok. We have experience fighting these cases and we can help you. We won’t force you to plead just because some officer says you “failed” some roadside balancing tests, or because some machine says you are over the limit. We have received not guilty verdicts in cases where our clients were alleged to have “failed” the field tests, and even cases where our clients blew twice the legal limit! We are not afraid of a challenging case.

I am the only Forney DWI lawyer with field sobriety tests certification. That’s right, I have the same training in field sobriety tests as the Forney police. I have tried many DWI cases in Kaufman County and our DWI defense team has the best track record of any Forney DWI defense firm. We offer free confidential consultations. Call us today and let us start fighting your Forney DWI case.

A Forney DWI and your Drivers License- 15 Day Deadline

When you leave the jail the Forney police may take your license and give you a temporary driving permit. You only have 15 to request a hearing to challenge your license suspension. If not, your license will be suspended in 40 days. We have helped many Forney DWI defendants avoid losing their license. If your license is suspended we will get you a work permit if you are eligible. We understand how important your license is and we will fight to keep you on the road.

Going to court on a Forney DWI case

From the time you are arrested you will usually have 2-3 months before your first court date. There are two courts in Kaufman County that prosecute Forney DWI cases. We have trial experience in every court in Kaufman County. We will tell about our experience with each prosecutor, and judge.

Your first court few court appearances will be announcements. You have to appear at every court date in Kaufman County (with one exception, we will tell you about that in our consult). You will not testify during these announcements. Instead we will exchange evidence with the prosecutor, and discuss possible plea offers. Many clients are very nervous about appearing in court. Guest and Gray Law Firm clients are ready and understand that announcements are not trial settings and they can relax and wait to sign a pass slip and leave.

Defending Forney DWI cases

We have a proven system to get the best result in Forney DWI cases. We will walk you through our process at the initial consultation. No other local DWI firm has the resources we have. No one fights blood and breath cases like we do. No other firm has two former local DWI prosecutors on staff. No other firm has a lawyer certified in field sobriety testing.

There is no case to difficult or challenging for our defense team. Many solo lawyers have little time to spend on each case. If you hire a solo attorney be careful. If that lawyer gets sick or has a trial set on another case, you may be left without any legal help should an emergency arrive. I was a solo attorney, and was very difficult. You deserve a team of experienced Forney DWI lawyers, you deserve Guest and Gray Law Firm..

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Wow, Robert Rocks!! Best criminal attorney ever. Trust the man. Pay the man. I did. It's money well spent. Anon
I have used Robert twice for my son and both times he has done an excellent job. Judy
Wish I would have contacted Robert sooner than I did. The help he did for us was above and beyond. Judith
Best Forney Attorney! I'm so glad we were referred to Mr. Guest by a friend. He handled our case and got it dismissed just like he said he would! Anonymous
Robert Guest is an awesome attorney. I have hired him on a family member's case and the outcome was the best possible. Emily
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