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Are you facing a Forney, Texas DWI or DUI charge? The Forney DWI defense team at Guest and Gray Law Firm is ready to fight for your license and your freedom. You have the absolute right to plead not guilty and take this case to trial. Forney, Texas is located in Kaufman County. You need a defense team with Kaufman County experience.

Guest and Gray Law Firm features 3 former prosecutors, including two former Kaufman County Assistant District Attorneys. We have two former president of the Kaufman County Bar Association and the founder of the Kaufman County Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association calls Guest and Gray Law Firm home. You need local experience and Guest and Gray Law Firm is your source for Kaufman County insight and knowledge. This isn't Dallas, the system is different and you need a legal team that knows how to get the best result in Kaufman County.

Did you take a breath test? Our team has fought breath test cases. We know better than to trust the government junk breath machine. Let us explain the problems with the Intoxilyzer and what we can do to attack the "result".

Did you take field sobriety tests? These tests are designed for you to fail. More often than not, the correct instructions are not given, and suspects are not told exactly what to do to "pass" these "sobriety tests". Worse, certain individuals are not candidates for these balancing exercises including those with certain injuries, those over 65, and the overweight. Guess that? Most officers NEVER screen DWI suspects for these conditions.

Are you facing a blood draw? Nothing makes the State more overconfident than a blood draw. The forced blood draw is the ultimate manifestation of DWI tyranny. The State and law enforcement are overjoyed at the thought of holding down DWI suspects and stealing their blood. Blood samples are not as accurate as you have been led to believe. There is a big difference between a hospital sample, and one tested at a government "forensics" lab.

Let us fight this case for you. We have the experience you need to take this case to trial. Our firm has received not guilty verdicts on Kaufman DWI cases in both misdemeanor courts. What you need is an aggresive defense team, and Guest and Gray Law Firm is ready to fight for you.

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